Taking you beyond the maturity level of competent

As Project Director for the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), John Woodhouse, and colleagues, has been building on the existing IAM knowledge base on how to assess Asset Management Maturity, beyond the level of competence. 

We all know that radical change is needed

…Sir David Attenborough has said so (along with worldwide scientific consensus).  The next 10 years have been described as the “Decisive Decade”.  What we choose to do, or not do, in the next few years will have global consequences for centuries or millennia to come.


Sharon Thomas, presenter on set at ITN London Studios

Watch our contribution in The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and ITN Productions Industry News programme Planning for the Long Term, exploring the vital role of whole life management of physical assets and how to increase the value they provide to society and the economy.

«…you’re working with leaders…»

Genéne Kleppe, CEO of Digital Twinning Australia was asked, by our client, to share her experience of selecting Strategic Asset Management tools and market research conducted before engaging The Woodhouse Partnership and Decision Support Tools.

Woodhouse Academy lanza Masterclass

La Academia de Gestión de Activos de Woodhouse se complace en lanzar una nueva Clase Magistral de Gestión de Activos para su cartera de servicios de formación y educación.

HOFOR triunfa en los premios IAM

Lise Tarp-Johansen, directora de programas de HOFOR en Dinamarca, fue reconocida internacionalmente al ser seleccionada como ganadora absoluta del premio IAM Individual Achievement Award.