The next 10 years have been described as the
“Decisive Decade”.
What we choose to do, or not do, in the next few years
will have global consequences for centuries or millennia to come.

Sustainability, environmental and social responsibilities are essentially ‘business drivers’ like cost, risk and performance. They can be incorporated into a Value Framework, with scales of significance, and they can be included in cost/benefit evaluations and justifications. But, like risk, they are ‘fuzzy’ when compared to hard cash or performance metrics. The potential long-term impacts are inherently uncertain, both in degree and in significance. They are also extremely difficult to measure, even indirectly with presumed ‘predictive indicators’. Success or failure will not be evident until it is too late. 

These issues make it imperative that our decision-making skills are given a boost. The most profound global effects are likely to come from groundswell adjustments in the many small decisions that are being made daily by everyone. But…

…it is hard to make the practical connections between ‘big issue’ agendas (such as climate change, energy transition, sustainability and social responsibility) and our day-to-day actions, priorities and habits. This applies both in the workplace and in our personal lives. Deciding what, and how much, to sacrifice in the short term, for the benefit of the long term – and perhaps a multi-generational long term – is very difficult. 

So, how do we keep multiple interests happy,
with resource and time constraints, while…

...managing typical human tendencies when it comes to making
Difficult Decisions?

  • Do nothing (avoid decision)
  • Do what was done last time (avoid thinking)
  • Push the decision up the line
  • Push the decision down the line
  • Go for cheapest cash cost (ignore future)
  • Listen to ‘who shouts loudest’
  • Follow “group think” / lowest common denominator
  • Subjective vs objective criteria


What are the best practices to overcome these? 

Online Workshop

Our Art of Decision Making in the Decisive Decade workshop held on the 16th March, highlighted decision-making best practices and demonstrated how you can determine what is worth doing, why, and when in asset management. 

Watch now or find this and a selection of other videos and resources in our Downloads library. 

Discover more…

Optimized Decision Making; we can help

With over 25 years’ experience in quantifying, optimizing and facilitating asset management decisions, we are highly pragmatic and flexible.

We can show you how to…

  • Select the best value options, and demonstrate why they represent best value.
  • Defend and justify the actions that are most worthwhile, and their optimal timings.
  • Cancel or defer the right projects or tasks, with least risk & downstream consequences.

We have award-winning
Decision-making and value optimization tools

Leading-edge solutions, training, and support for asset investment planning, maintenance optimization,
aging/obsolete asset renewals, spares/inventory strategies, and other Asset Management decisions. 

We can help you to evaluate options, quantify implications (including the ‘intangibles’),
explore scenarios and determine the optimal strategy using any available mix of data,
expert knowledge and uncertain assumptions.

...and we can provide
Professional Asset Management Training

We are the most experienced and comprehensive provider of professional development in all aspects of Asset Management. Education and Training results in higher productivity, motivation and better decision-making; we can offer…


Our decisions will be in the spotlight during the decisive decade, along with the efforts and commitment needed to implement the resulting changes. 

The Woodhouse Partnership can help you and your organisation optimize existing decision-making frameworks to identify business benefits and operational efficiencies to support the organisational objectives required to make the radical changes needed. 

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Serviços de consultoria

Somos uma fonte líder de expertise global, com experiência multissetorial incomparável no desenvolvimento de recursos de gerenciamento de ativos por meio de programas de transformação personalizados.

Educação incomparável
& Treinamento

Somos o fornecedor mundial mais estabelecido e experiente de educação e treinamento em Gestão de Ativos. Descubra como podemos ajudar você e sua organização em cada etapa da jornada.

Tomando uma decisão &
Ferramentas de Otimização

Oferecemos ferramentas, processos de ponta e desenvolvimento sistemático de competências. Facilitar a tomada de decisões com valor otimizado, com informações incompletas, é uma de nossas especialidades.

Asset Management



John Woodhouse

Our Asset Management Academy is pleased to announce 2023 dates for our Masterclass – the benchmark for personal development and competency recognition for Asset Management Professionals 

Aleck Santamaría De La Cruz

Executive in Operational Excellence, Asset Management and Best Practices in Projects, Operations and Maintenance in the Energy and Industrial Sector.
Consultant, Instructor and International Lecturer on issues related to project management (risk management), operational reliability, strategic management of operations, maintenance, Asset Management in the energy sector (ISO 55001) and Applied Data Analytics.
PMP, CMRP, IAM and CAMA certifications, being recognized by the SMRP in 2019 as CMRP of the Year

George Galambos

George has over twenty-five years of experience as a consulting engineer providing design, planning, program and project management, and strategic asset management services for asset-intensive organizations in the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. His primary focus has been in the public infrastructure sector; as a result, he has intimate knowledge of the assets, processes, and resources necessary to deliver and sustain safe, reliable services to the customers of public asset-owning organizations.

George has assisted organizations with the development of PAS 55, ISO 55000, and GFMAM AM Landscape aligned asset management systems (AMS), has performed gap analyses of their AMS against industry standards and best practices, and has guided them through the creation of strategic asset management plans (SAMPs), asset management plans (AMPs), AM policy and supporting documents. He has undertaken asset risk modelling to ascertain organizations’ capability to sustain their desired levels of service. George has performed asset health-informed lifecycle cost modelling and forecasting capital and operational expenditures over near and long-term planning horizons.

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John Woodhouse

Com 30 anos de experiência em serviços públicos, petróleo e gás, transporte e outros setores, John é um dos especialistas mais conhecidos em projetos de gestão integrada de ativos para algumas das maiores empresas do mundo.

John é fundador e companheiro vitalício do IAM; ele escreveu 4 livros, presidiu o desenvolvimento do BSI PAS55 e representa o Reino Unido no comitê ISO55000.

Ele também liderou os projetos de colaboração internacional MACRO e SALVO na tomada de decisões de gestão de ativos otimizada.

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