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Are you seeking excellence in asset management and want to go beyond ISO 55001 Certification?  The ISO 55001 standard defines good practices in asset management and establishing an ISO 55001-compliant management system yields benefits and joined-up processes, better service delivery, risk management and evident competence. It is however, just a waypoint in the journey – you are now at the Institute of Asset Management’s level 3 in the 5-level maturity scale. And some of the biggest rewards lie in what can be done at the higher levels, once such an asset management system is in place.


So how far can you go beyond getting the ISO 55001 Certificate, in which areas of potential further improvement, and what represents ‘excellence’ in your business sector or environment? This is where an experienced subject matter expert can help to shape the personalised opportunities and goals for seeking excellence in asset management.

TWPL’s unrivalled multi-sector, multi-cultural experience in operational and asset management excellence, combines with your organisation’s specific strengths, constraints and context.  TWPL can contribute a unique skill set to help develop the goals and delivery of your next phase of transformation and performance improvement.

So don’t rest on your laurels if you have an ISO 55001 Certificate – it’s now time to really show what you can do. And some of TWPL’s taster activities can quickly show how much further value can be obtained by stretching into the areas of innovation, real leadership and true optimization.


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