Different starting points, challenges and priorities

We can provide a valuable combination of consultation, learning and practical tools at every level of your, or your organization’s Asset Management journey.

Helping you on every step of the Asset Management journey

Where are you on your asset management journey? Are you working in departmental silos with competing priorities, patchy knowledge, and unknown risks? Or are you already on the journey to establishing a joined-up, systematic and integrated approach to asset management? Maybe you have an established system for strategic planning etc, and are seeking where to focus next?

To support the wider asset management journey, we have pre-grouped the most valuable combination of support, learning and practical tools that are typically needed at different stages of the journey, whether you are an individual or an organization.

Do you need help in....


  • Learning core concepts, practices, and benefits?
  • Planning how to get started and prioritize the way forward?
  • Convincing sponsors and skeptics?

& Embedding

  • Achieving a real transformation 
  • Culture change: establishing the right values, behaviours and habits?
  • Benefits realization: quantifying and demonstrating in hard numbers?


  • Setting new targets: finding and adapting best applicable practices?
  • Real optimization: showing fully quantified, optimal life cycle value?
  • Innovation: breaking new ground and showing what is possible?

Getting Started

Our Getting Started range of Services and Education is geared to establishing a robust starting point and solid foundation to achieve alignment of understanding in the core principles, language and asset management concepts.

Asset Management
Education & Training
Decision Making Tools
& Techniques Training

Advanced training in strategy optimization and decision-making

  • Shutdown strategies and optimal work bundling
  • Life cycle strategies
  • StAMP (Strategic Asset Management Planning)

SALVO Process Super User training, facilitators, and expert certification status

Integrating & Embedding

For individuals and organizations with responsibility for developing strategies and plans, or are leading and facilitating improvement programmes to support the establishment of a joined-up and effective management system for Asset Management. 

Consultancy Services

Corporate Asset Management system development

ISO 55001 implementation

Corporate transformation programmes processes, people, technology

Asset Management
Education & Training

Management Coaching

IAM Endorsed Diploma qualification courses:
Full 5 day or 3-day Conversion for those with Certificate

Woodhouse suite of niche and specialist Asset Management education courses, e.g:

  • Preparing for ISO 55000
  • Asset care and renewal
  • Blended customized learning 

Interactive Group options – The Asset Management Challenge

Decision Making Tools
& Techniques Training

Cost/risk/performance optimization process training

  • Capital investment and project proposals
  • Maintenance and Inspection strategies
  • Spares, purchasing, and inventory decisions
  • Asset renewals, obsolescence, and life extension strategies
  • Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Seeking Excellence

As we work at the front edge of research, development, and thought leadership we can help you adapt to new technologies, new ideas, and changes in organizational context to ensure you and your company are forward-looking, agile, and able to demonstrate dynamic optimization. 

Consultancy Services

Going beyond the ISO 55000 requirements through continual improvement processes and identifying context-specific excellence targets

Asset Management
Education & Training

Mentoring and bespoke courses for Asset Management Leaders and Champions

Professional Asset Manager

Decision Making Tools
& Techniques Training

Advanced training in strategy optimization and decision-making

  • Shutdown strategies and optimal work bundling
  • Life cycle strategies
  • StAMP (Strategic Asset Management Planning)

SALVO Process Super User training, facilitators, and expert certification status

The Woodhouse Asset Management journey does not have an end
– it is one of continual interest, excitement, challenges and opportunities.

Life-long learning

Woodhouse has been working with many organisations for 10, 15 or 20 years in an ongoing ‘trusted advisor’ role, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and transferring learning across different industry sectors. Head to the Woodhouse Academy to find out more.

What Our Clients Have To Say​

We have been using the SALVO Process and supportive DST software to update and improve maintenance strategies for our electricity network assets. We chose DST and the SALVO Process because they can integrate with our existing business processes. These features, plus having qualified and knowledgeable experts guiding us through the implementation stages, have proved to be a winning combination in our decision- making.”
Sam Gibson​
Investment Strategy Manager (Stations), Northern Ireland Electricity Networks​

Decision Support Tools

Decision Support Tools Ltd develops, supports and customises the best tools, processes and training for asset management decision support in over 40 areas of typical problem-solving.

SAMP Guidebook

Practical advice for the development of a Strategic Asset Management Plan. The SAMP is a planning tool to clarify intentions, priorities, and practices to be adopted. 

Implementation Support

Woodhouse offers extensive first-hand, multidisciplined experience in putting the pieces together and building a robust, coordinated and personalised way forward.

Need help or advice? Get in touch with our award-winning team

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John Woodhouse

With 30 years’ experience in utilities, oil & gas, transport and other sectors, John is one of the most widely known experts in integrated asset management projects for some of the largest companies in the world.

John is a Founder and Life Fellow of the IAM; he has written 4 books, chaired the development of BSI PAS55 and represents the UK on the ISO55000 committee.

He also led the international MACRO and SALVO collaboration projects in optimised asset management decision-making.

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