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“The Woodhouse Partnership asked the right questions to quantify the knowledge of our engineers, with the support of Decision Support Tool (DST) software, into well-motivated and transparent business cases. As a direct result, we were able – and confident – to reprioritize the capital program. Several projects were postponed and others were pulled forward. The approach was innovative and highly appreciated by all stakeholders”
“We selected the Woodhouse Partnership as our partners in our asset management journey and have been delighted to achieve such success and progress with their help. In particular, their approach to adapting core concepts of asset management to the context, culture, and priorities of our organization has been instrumental in the transformation we have achieved and continue to develop.”
“Woodhouse assisted us to establish a global asset management model that aligns our values and world-class service delivery in very diverse environments. This model helped us create unique and flexible technical services offering that has filled a significant gap in the marketplace. The results have been impressive.”
“The integrated Woodhouse approach to people, processes and tools is really building a robust asset management environment in ISA CTEEP and helping us to act as a team instead of “silos”. And, just 12 months into the 3-year roadmap, this is already yielding evident culture change as well as multi-million dollar benefits.”
“Determining the timing for the renewal of signaling interlockings as they approach life expiry was critical for the business. These are high-value assets and we needed a robust methodology to enable us to analyze the costs and risks and identify the optimum replacement timing. The SALVO/LCO process and DST suite of tools developed by Woodhouse allowed us to undertake this assessment and provide the necessary assurance that we were looking for. The process and tools cover a wide variety of decision types, so we are using them for decision support in many areas of asset management planning.”
“Woodhouse instructors bring a wealth of knowledge in asset management concepts and theory, and also industry specific experience that relates well with our 'boots on the ground' staff.”
Jeremy Waugh PE PMP
Director: Office of Asset Management, Pinellas County, Clearwater, USA
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“We have worked with The Woodhouse Partnership over the last year in developing our asset end-of-life strategy. This area of maintaining and timely replacing our business equipment represents a large percentage of our overall business cost. . Extensive searching for a solution for optimizing the asset strategy resulted in finding SALVO. The application of the SALVO process and decision support tools along with the knowledge of our consultant really make them stand out and deliver results which are fully understood by the business. The background of the SALVO process utilizing Reliability principles solidified our decision. Our Woodhouse partner made the difference towards achieving valid results.”
Lee McClish
Manager, Maintenance & Reliability, Raging Wire, USA
Mutual Energy 236x73
“I’ve been privileged to work with John and the team since the late 90’s, from implementation of RCM and the early APT toolset, through the PAS 55 years, and now in preparation for ISO 55001 certification, and in delivering DST studies. It has always been a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable, experienced and genial asset management practitioners. You’ve made a massive contribution to the world of Asset Management, and to infrastructure management all over the globe. So to the whole Woodhouse team, thanks for all your help and support over the years, and here’s to many more!”
Sam Gibson
Moyle Interconnector Operations Manager, Mutual Energy, Ireland
“The Woodhouse team have a wealth of experience from across the globe and can relate to many different approaches cultures and industries. Their knowledge of Asset Management and PAS55/ISO55001 is second to none and they are all very passionate about seeing their clients succeed.”
David Copestake
Managing Director, Transco, Abu Dhabi
“The development of the asset management capability within the company has transformed the business notwithstanding a tough road requiring focused and dedicated teamwork. Looking forward, this will enable TRANSCO towards achieving the company’s vision and will help contribute to the Abu Dhabi 2030 Master Plan.”
Dr Abdullah Al Suwaidi
Chairman, Transco, Abu Dhabi
““We have worked with The Woodhouse Partnership for a number of years calling them in to help with the strategic management of our assets and the optimisation of asset life cycle interventions for higher availability and extended life. One such example is for sewage treatment inlet screens where failure rates have more than halved and unavailability reduced as a result. Their application of the SALVO Process and Decision Support Tools, along with a hands-on approach, make them stand out and deliver results which are transparent and fully understood by the business. Whenever we have worked together we have found The Woodhouse Partnership engaging and insightful”
Jon Wright
Area Performance Manager, Wessex Water, UK
“There are many consultancy companies who profess to understand asset management, but few who convince me that their experience could really make a difference. After careful consideration we chose The Woodhouse Partnership - they were very clear on the inputs needed and the outputs we would get. They were also prepared to "tell it as they found it" and work with us to plan the way forward. The resulting report was very clear, identified strengths, weaknesses and recommended actions to be taken. The jointly created Roadmap gave a clear picture of what had to be done and was translated into individual objectives for the team. We finally had a joined-up picture and this helped align staff to a common goal. Three years on, over 80% of the recommendations are already implemented and we are working on the remainder in preparation for the next iteration"
Steve Wood
former Network Strategy Director, Scottish Power, UK
“CLP Power chose Woodhouse because its people have first hand practical experience and knowledge in what makes asset management work. The initial training has provided a foundation on which to build a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation. The culture change programme is considered necessary to assist staff to prepare for the regulatory changes proposed for the Hong Kong market. The work with Woodhouse has been a catalyst for strategic change within CLP Power enabling staff to put into practice the principles learnt and it has also helped to position the company for the future.”
David Crighton
Director, Generation, CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd
"We selected Woodhouse to create a plan for Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) to further develop its asset management capabilities. We were impressed by their expertise in addressing both the technical, people and financial issues related to infrastructure asset management. The Woodhouse team successfully identified EGD's asset management strengths and gaps by completing a series of Interactive Assessment interviews and focus groups. They then ran a number of Roadmapping workshops to develop a realistic, coordinated way forward. The resulting plan will now be fully executed at EGD."
Cindy Graham
Manager, Integrity Management, Enbridge Gas Distribution, Canada
We chose Woodhouse because they offered extensive first-hand, multi-disciplined experience of the practical application and range of asset management services. The fact that they are at the heart of leading edge developments in asset management also made them very attractive. We are already getting the benefit of this latest thinking, tempered with practical knowledge and implementation realism. We have not been disappointed and have received high quality assistance, which is proving to be of great benefit to us."
Lawrence Fletcher,
Head of Performance & Innovation for CE Electric UK
“The SALVO Process has helped us to identify and demonstrate the optimal timing of asset replacement and the optimal frequency for maintenance interventions. The outputs from SALVO are key components of our Asset Masterplans: we are now in the best place we have ever been”
Geoff Aitkenhead
Asset Management Director, Scottish Water, UK
“We were facing the apparently urgent replacement for obsolete equipment to the order of tens of millions of pounds. With SALVO™ we were able to reduce this by 60% and renegotiate support arrangements for the foreseeable future.”
“The Woodhouse Partnership was an invaluable resource in helping us formalize and implement an asset management system throughout our company. their extensive knowledge in Asset Management allowed us to align our business with ISO 55001 standards. We’ve always managed our assets and now, through a structured management system, we are able to make consistent, repeatable decisions, looking at the trade-off between cost, risk, and performance while engaging all internal and external stakeholders over the life of the asset.”

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John Woodhouse

With 30 years’ experience in utilities, oil & gas, transport and other sectors, John is one of the most widely known experts in integrated asset management projects for some of the largest companies in the world.

John is a Founder and Life Fellow of the IAM; he has written 4 books, chaired the development of BSI PAS55 and represents the UK on the ISO55000 committee.

He also led the international MACRO and SALVO collaboration projects in optimised asset management decision-making.

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