“…you’re working with leaders…”

Genéne Kleppe, CEO of Digital Twinning Australia was asked, by our client, to share her experience of selecting Strategic Asset Management tools and market research conducted before engaging The Woodhouse Partnership and Decision Support Tools.


Along with several documents that demonstrated the veracity within a comprehensive procurement process (with sensitive information redacted), Genéne supplied the following reference.

“…having worked with John & his team at Woodhouse I can attest that you’re working with leaders and must therefore be doing good work.

Our global search for strategic Asset Management tools drew a higher than expected response.  Of the approximately 132 responses our first cull was to 39.  This group of 39 appeared to meet the selection criteria however, a more comprehensive investigation resulted in a further 29 being eliminated.

The remaining 10 vendors were required to make presentations and demonstrate their tools.  Copperleaf and PowerPlan were in the group providing a demonstration. 

A critical decision element was the tools sustainability in a digital world.  As you would be aware decisions made in utilities, become lore,  for many years, and in software making the wrong decision result in organizational capability uplift delays.

At the time of selection with the exception of Woodhouse and SAP, the tools were embedded in legacy software engineering, engineering that would not be compatible moving forward.

SAP tools were predicated on having a Hanna platform, our Client would not have Hanna for 10-15 years.  Subsequently, I have discovered that the SAP tools are still embedded in transaction-styled thinking, limited when it comes to working with the complexities of Asset Management and Systems Engineering.

Woodhouse was a standout for a few reasons including:

  • Process – Woodhouse wasn’t just a software solution it was strong on engagement.
    • It required cross-discipline, cross-trades, and vertical slice across Asset Classes
    • It required Systems Engineering concepts to be applied across the Asset Classes
    • It did get people engaged in the process and comfortable with the software
  • Practice – Woodhouse DST software demanded practice knowledge
    • Workers had as much right at the table as did the Engineers and function experts
    • Evidence-based decision making was given meaning
    • Outcomes belonged to the team, not individuals
    • It did empower employees, it gave evidence-based credibility to both the people and tool
  • Price – Woodhouse was by far the best value price
    • The investment was returned within week 1
  • Future proof – Woodhouse DST tools appeared [when compared to other software] to be more nimble and better able to respond to IT-OT convergence.
    • As I have moved into Digital Twinning I believe this interpretation to still hold true.

If you require any further clarification or confirmation I am willing to [provide further information]…”

We are thrilled to receive such positive endorsements of our work and Decision Support Tools. If you would like to apply these standout benefits to your organization please contact us now.

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John Woodhouse

With 30 years’ experience in utilities, oil & gas, transport and other sectors, John is one of the most widely known experts in integrated asset management projects for some of the largest companies in the world.

John is a Founder and Life Fellow of the IAM; he has written 4 books, chaired the development of BSI PAS55 and represents the UK on the ISO55000 committee.

He also led the international MACRO and SALVO collaboration projects in optimised asset management decision-making.

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