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John Woodhouse, TWPL’s CEO, Fellow and Chair of the Panel of Experts for the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) has authored (and TWPL has sponsored), the development of a new guide ‘Developing and maintaining a Strategic Asset Management Plan’ (SAMP). The IAM guidance on developing a SAMP was officially released at the IAM Annual Conference held in Manchester in June 2017.



The asset management SAMP guide has been developed by the IAM to provide guidance for organisations who manage physical assets, and who wish to put in place or improve an existing management system for asset management. The purpose of this guide is to set out a practical and pragmatic approach to the development of a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) or Asset Management Strategy, that will not only conform with ISO 55001 requirements, but will clarify priorities, align stakeholders and deliver the best possible value to the organisation.

It is intended to provide a consistent and clear basis that is endorsed by the IAM for the development and maintenance of strategies and is intended for use by those getting started on their asset management journey and those implementing or maintaining their management systems. It is also intended to provide a reference and guide to more advanced organisations seeking excellence and continual improvement which is a requirement of good practice for all management systems.

This asset management SAMP guide is complementary to ISO 55002 (including the current updates, which expand on the importance and role of the SAMP).


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If you are new to asset management or involved in implementing the ISO 55000 standards, or if you are in senior management and need to understand how to turn business plans into more concrete strategies, contact us to discuss.

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