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Making the right decisions, right now, has never been so critical. Whether you are facing budget cuts or resourcing problems, changes in priorities or just trying to ‘keep the lights on’, there are crucial decisions to be made, quickly and in the face of great uncertainty. We can help. Decision-making in such circumstances is our speciality. We offer real-time, online support, tools and processes to ensure that you…

  • Select the best value options, and demonstrate why they represent best value
  • Defend and justify the actions that are most worthwhile, and their optimal timings
  • Cancel or defer the right projects or tasks, with least risk and downstream consequences.

With over 25 years’ experience in quantifying, optimizing and facilitating asset management decisions, we are highly pragmatic and flexible. We can help you with all sorts of immediate challenges and problem types, ranging from:

  • Which planned maintenance tasks should I do now, and which can be rescheduled, with what cost/risk/performance implications?
  • Our capital investment plan needs to be reprioritised; how can I do this when so much uncertainty exists?
  • The xxxx system is shut down; what projects/inspections/maintenance should we do while we have got the opportunity?
  • Our supply chain is disrupted; what materials and spares should I buy and how should inventory levels be adjusted to mitigate the risks?


DST Schedule Optimizer uses AI to find the optimal activity timings, costs, risks and performance impact.

DST Schedule Optimizer uses AI to find the optimal activity timings, costs, risks and performance impact.

All such decisions can be rapidly, transparently and robustly addressed by using our internationally acclaimed SALVO Process and world-leading DST modelling and evaluation toolkit. Using a dynamic workshop approach, we use these methods to evaluate options and quantify the cost, risk and performance implications – all in real time, and using whatever imperfect or uncertain information is available. But don’t just take our word for it; we have been supporting major organisations around the world in this way for years:

We were facing the apparently urgent replacement for obsolete equipment to the order of tens of millions of pounds. With SALVO™ we were able to reduce this by 60% and renegotiate support arrangements for the foreseeable future. Christine Pretorius Industrial Engineering, Sasol Synfuels South Africa

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Want to learn more about SALVO?

The SALVO guidebook, Asset management decision-making: The SALVO Process written by John Woodhouse, explains what it takes to make the right decisions in the management of assets, not just in the steps and disciplines required, but also how to create a clear ‘business case’ to justify and communicate the outcomes so that everyone can agree on what is worth doing, when and why.

You can buy the e-book on iTunes and Amazon or alternatively, to order a hard copy please fill in your details below.

The cost of each book is £29.50 plus post and packing.


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