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Richard Blackman, Principal Consultant

Richard Blackman, Principal Consultant, TWPL

Richard Blackman, Principal Consultant


Richard Blackman is a chartered engineering consultant with a wealth of asset management, operational and maintenance experience gained in industry since 1992. He started his career in the Nuclear Power Industry and then spent 10 years working in pharmaceuticals reaching senior manager level. He is customer-focused, results-driven and commercially-guided, with excellent team and leadership skills.

Richard is a superb change manager and influencer, who is highly effective at all levels within an organisation. As a great leader and facilitator, he has delivered a broad range of asset management services. These include both asset management and maintenance audits, RCM/FMECA training and facilitation, equipment reliability improvement programmes and maintenance manager development and mentoring. Recent experience has been the on-going successful delivery of the IAM Certificate and IAM Diploma training courses and online learning module creation.

His work with other clients has included assignments for a global steel manufacturer, a gas production facility in Tunisia, a global food and facilities service company, a global food packaging company and the rail, bus and ferry transport authority Nexus.

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