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Johanna Duran, Consultant

Johanna Duran, Consultant, TWPL Latin America

Johanna Duran, Senior Consultant, TWPL Latin America


Johanna Duran is a specialist in the reliability of industrial systems.  She has experience in the application of management systems based on PAS 55 and ISO 55001 asset management standards, to improve organizational performance.

She has supported TWPL in the implementation of asset management strategies and optimization of decision-making in public service companies EPM in Medellín and ISA in Colombia, Peru and Brazil, and the oil and gas company Ecopetrol, Colombia.

She co-ordinated the implementation of strategies for compliance with standards and good practices to guarantee the quality of products in the pharmaceutical industry (Laboratorios Valmorca), and also participated in the paper machine renewal project (MAMPA).

Johanna is able to handle multi-cultural teams and educate others about new tools, methodologies and work processes.  She has experience improving the integration of engineering departments with other disciplines. This includes leading and facilitating maintenance reviews and post-incident investigations using techniques, such as FMECA and root cause analysis. She has experience in developing asset management competences and aligning these to relevant frameworks.

Johanna is a Chemical Engineer, has a MSc in Management and holds an IAM Certificate in Asset Management.


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