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SABIC case study | Optimizing shutdown intervals yields significant savings

SABIC case study | Optimizing shutdown intervals yields significant savings

SABIC Innovative Plastic’s management realised that their shutdown strategy was incurring high costs and downtime losses, and subsequent system instabilities which was compounded by an increasingly competitive market.

The SABIC plant comprised a wide range of process units, handling highly critical and toxic chemicals.  Safety, health, system integrity and environmental responsibility were therefore absolutely vital. The study that TWPL performed exploited existing risk assessment work and risk-based inspection studies, and obtained full support from the safety and inspection departments for the conclusions.

The analysis process is not however, limited to these types of environment: it has also been proven for outage planning in electricity networks, shutdown strategies for car tyre manufacturing, logistics optimization of work bundles for remote site visits and a range of other industries where optimal bundling of work is business-critical.

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