HOFOR triumphs at IAM Awards

Lise Tarp-Johansen, Programme Manager of HOFOR in Denmark, was recognised internationally as she was selected as the outright winner of the IAM Individual Achievement Award.

The motivation to adopt asset management usually requires a pressing business need, a regulatory or other external obligation, or a passionate senior executive ‘sponsor’. HOFOR the largest public utilities company in Denmark, had none of these: it achieves good service levels, has generally benign regulators, adequate financing and a collegiate leadership group. Nevertheless, and largely owing to the insight, influencing skills and tenacity of the program manager, Lise Tarp-Johansen, the company has adopted a major transformation program to introduce asset management concepts and business processes, including new competencies, culture and tools, simply ‘because it is the right thing to do.’

Strongly supported by senior management and a growing team of fast-learning champions, Lise and her team have guided HOFOR’s business units to understand and agree that asset management is the way forward. This has already resulted in new methods for decision-making, risk management, asset renewal justifications and supply chain/spares strategies. The critical success factors included Lise’s project management and team energy, the ‘home-owned workstream and the collaboration with the Woodhouse team.

Lise was recognized internationally as she was selected as the outright winner of the IAM Individual Award for ‘Transforming asset management despite the absence of any burning platform, business urgency or regulatory obligation’.

Find out more about HOFOR’s asset management transformation here

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John Woodhouse

With 30 years’ experience in utilities, oil & gas, transport and other sectors, John is one of the most widely known experts in integrated asset management projects for some of the largest companies in the world.

John is a Founder and Life Fellow of the IAM; he has written 4 books, chaired the development of BSI PAS55 and represents the UK on the ISO55000 committee.

He also led the international MACRO and SALVO collaboration projects in optimised asset management decision-making.

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