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Tom McDermott, Principal Consultant

Tom McDermott, Principal Consultant, TWPL, North America

Tom McDermott, Principal Consultant, TWPL, North America


Based in North America, Tom McDermott previously held the position of Director of Asset Management at the New York State Power Authority. He has over 20 years’ experience specialising in high voltage engineering, transmission line design and power plant modifications. During his tenure, he introduced and managed the development of industrial engineering and knowledge management methodologies to improve productivity.

Building upon PAS 55 principles, Tom expanded the horizon of performance engineering initiatives to develop a reliability-centric (RCM) asset management programme integrating both engineering and maintenance personnel into the asset management organisation.

Tom is one of TWPL’s IAM Endorsed assessors and trainers and as such provides training and assessments using ISO 55001 and PAS 55.


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