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Garth Bird, Strategic Partner

Garth Bird, Strategic Partner, TWPL, North America

Garth Bird, Strategic Partner, TWPL, North America


Throughout Garth’s 30+ years of operations experience and growth within a major Canadian upstream oil and gas company, he grew from technical involvement in production engineering to become a high-performing Operations Manager. He  ultimately achieved a world-class level of expertise in Operations Excellence by end of tenure as Global Operations Excellence Manager/Manager Major Projects.

Driving superior performance in operations has been a passion throughout his career. Accomplished and forward-thinking visionary, with a proven track record of success driving the transformation of people, processes and technology in field and corporate settings. Recognized as an influential strategist and corporate enabler, with success in unifying organizations under a vision rooted in Asset Management and Operations Excellence. He has been instrumental in the development and implementation of many critical strategies, systems and initiatives. Equipped with the tools and resources to lead and grow an organization to the highest possible standard of performance, as an authentic and empowering leader to cross-functional teams. His diverse background has given him the ability to work equally effectively with front line operators to top management and across all functional groups.

Garth graduated with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Kelsey Institute of Applied Science and Technology (A.Sc.T) and holds an IAM Certificate in Asset Management through The Institute of Asset Management.


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