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Andy Hunt, Principal Consultant

Andy Hunt, Principal Consultant, TWPL

Andy Hunt, Principal Consultant, TWPL


Andy Hunt over 21 years’ experience in the water and rail industries (regulated and commercial operations), and experience of quality assurance in manufacturing. He has extensive knowledge of utilities asset management and information technology applications for operations, maintenance and asset planning.

He has deep knowledge of The SALVO Process and the supporting DST ASSET STRATEGY EVALUATOR™ software application, used in shutdown strategy development, asset life cycle planning, asset renewal/obsolescence, maintenance and inspection strategies development, including improvement projects and critical spares.

Andy has a wealth of experience in the implementation of management systems and business change requirements, to deliver wide ranging business process improvements using ISO standards, such as ISO 55000 and ISO 31000 (including business case, road mapping/outcome dependency mapping and information technology requirements).

He is a qualified electrical and electronic engineer, has an MSc in Asset Management (with distinction), and is a Fellow of  The Institute of Asset Management.


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