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FREE Live Workshops

We are delighted to offer Free expert support to facilitate small teams in tackling one or more ‘live’ examples from their business providing clarity and rapid resolution of the optimal way forward, and offering the next level of insight into best practices for tackling such problems. We can facilitate an exclusive, organisation-specific workshop if you can convene a small (typically 4-8 persons) multi-disciplined team of relevant colleagues to tackle a current asset replacement, investment, or other major intervention decision.   This option can be hosted on Zoom, MSTeams, Skype-for-Business or Webex – whichever is preferred by your organisation. Contact us for more information.

“I have to commend the presenters at last week’s webinar, which I found very interesting and thought provoking.”

Missed our series of multi-organisational workshops?

If you would like to view a recording of any of the previous workshops detailed below, please contact us

Risk, Lost Opportunities and Urgency.

17th June 2020

This workshop shared practical tips to identify and quantify your best value opportunities in the current climate, identifying and unlocking ‘hidden potential’ and adapting your risk management to include an ‘urgency’ dimension.

Managing ageing and obsolete assets:  refurb, renew or ‘just pray’?

Wednesday 24 June

Making a business case for re-investment can be difficult, especially in the current situation.  This workshop shows how best to put hard numbers on the cost, risk and performance consequences of different options and timings.  It includes live case studies of optimal lifespan decisions, such as upgrading of obsolete control systems and refurbishment or renewal of degraded equipment.

Which project(s) should I defer if budgets have been cut? 

Wednesday 1 July

Faced with many projects competing for limited funds or resources, which ones can you safely defer with “least worst” consequences?   We will show you how you can quickly and consistently evaluate and prioritize your projects on a ‘level playing field’, even if data is patchy and the projects have widely different motivations and benefits.

Obsolescence of IT and Control Systems – justification of renewal/upgrades. 

Wednesday the 22nd July

Periodic re-investment in the fast-changing world of information technology (IT) is a large and growing cost for most organisations. Obsolescence means increasing difficulty in finding spares and obtaining support, increasing risk (system unreliability and vulnerability to cyberattack) and potential missed opportunities for performance gains as new IT capabilities become available. This workshop demonstrates, with a live case study, best practice for the quantified evaluation of options and optimal timings, including building the business case for re-investment.


Wednesday 12th August

For many organisations, planned Shutdowns, Turnarounds or Outages are a necessary a fact of life.  Mandatory inspections, major maintenance, overhauls and engineering projects often require downtime of asset systems.  But shutting down process plant or utilities is very costly, both in terms of labour and materials and in lost service or productivity.  There are also risks associated with such critical or complex work and in starting the asset systems up again afterwards.  In some cases, organisations are caught in a vicious circle; they have work to do, therefore need a shutdown – but also, because a shutdown is planned, work is proposed to make use of the opportunity.

Many organisations focus great attention on planning and executing work in each shutdown.  But determining what to do in the first place (scope) and when (shutdown timing or intervals) is a very big and underdeveloped competency – indeed it can be a game changer.  This workshop will show how organisations can make such decisions with full, quantified justification in terms of costs, risks and performance.   We will show how this is done with real case studies, many of which show multi-million $$ savings and big reductions (20-50%) in planned downtime.   So if your organisation has shutdowns or turnarounds, this workshop will show you how you can right-size the scope and timings.

“Thank you for organising this event – it is a topic that is very relevant in the current climate and I found the recent series of webinars very interesting”.

Highlights from our recent workshops

The necessary budget-cuts and project deferment/cancellation decisions are not being handled well!

87% of participants in our latest online workshop (with participants from all around the world and most industry sectors) reported significant Capex budget cuts, as would be expected in the current crisis.  But, more worryingly, nearly 50% expressed concern about the decisions currently being made in their organisations.   Such concerns represent a significant risk of the wrong projects being cancelled and distorted priorities/timings for those that remain.  And part of the problem seems to be the gap in understanding between assets/technical staff and the finance department.

Does this evidence align with your own observations?

To see what we are doing to address such challenges, join us in our next batch of free online workshops coming soon

“I think that Woodhouse offer some interesting alternative views to the tried and tested current offerings we’ve become used to hearing in the industry”