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Live Workshops

Our next Live Workshop is under preparation! Following the success of our first series of live workshops we are currently preparing our future programme. To ensure you receive our invitations to join us please complete our registration form on our home page.

“I have to commend the presenters at last week’s webinar, which I found very interesting and thought provoking.”

Highlights from our last workshop

The necessary budget-cuts and project deferment/cancellation decisions are not being handled well!

87% of participants in our latest online workshop (with participants from all around the world and most industry sectors) reported significant Capex budget cuts, as would be expected in the current crisis.  But, more worryingly, nearly 50% expressed concern about the decisions currently being made in their organisations.   Such concerns represent a significant risk of the wrong projects being cancelled and distorted priorities/timings for those that remain.  And part of the problem seems to be the gap in understanding between assets/technical staff and the finance department.

Does this evidence align with your own observations?

To see what we are doing to address such challenges, join us in our next batch of free online workshops coming soon

“I think that Woodhouse offer some interesting alternative views to the tried and tested current offerings we’ve become used to hearing in the industry”

Missed our previous workshops?

Risk, Lost Opportunities and Urgency.

17th June 2020 with John Woodhouse and Jose Duran

This workshop shared practical tips to identify and quantify your best value opportunities in the current climate, identifying and unlocking ‘hidden potential’ and adapting your risk management to include an ‘urgency’ dimension.

Managing ageing and obsolete assets:  refurb, renew or ‘just pray’? with Andy Hunt and Craig Demanuele

Wednesday 24 June 4pm (UK)

Making a business case for re-investment can be difficult, especially in the current situation.  This workshop shows how best to put hard numbers on the cost, risk and performance consequences of different options and timings.  It includes live case studies of optimal lifespan decisions, such as upgrading of obsolete control systems and refurbishment or renewal of degraded equipment.

Which project(s) should I defer if budgets have been cut? John Woodhouse and Alex Thomson

Wednesday 1 July 4pm (UK)

Faced with many projects competing for limited funds or resources, which ones can you safely defer with “least worst” consequences?   We will show you how you can quickly and consistently evaluate and prioritize your projects on a ‘level playing field’, even if data is patchy and the projects have widely different motivations and benefits.

If you would like to view a recording of our workshops, please contact us

“Thank you for organising this event – it is a topic that is very relevant in the current climate and I found the recent series of webinars very interesting”.

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