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Garth Bird, Strategic Partner

Garth Bird, Strategic Partner, TWPL, North America

Garth Bird, Strategic Partner, TWPL, North America


Garth Bird has a 30+ year career in upstream Oil and Gas operations in both field and corporate settings. His first 18 years were in front line operations, starting as a field Production Engineer then as Operations Manager of major assets throughout Western Canada. He is results-orientated with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Over the past 12 years he drove organizational effectiveness and continuous improvement as the Operations Excellence (OE) Champion and Manager Major Projects. In this role he:

  • Led the global initiative to implement Enterprise Asset Management and a culture of continuous improvement. Achieved recognition of OE as a key strategic principle throughout the organization.
  • Facilitated enterprise-wide collaboration and alignment of guiding principles, management systems, standards, processes, and priorities, e.g. adoption of a global Root Cause Analysis procedure.
  • Coordinated, facilitated, and led working committees/task forces/communities of practice/special interest groups (SIGS)

His diverse background has given him the ability to work equally effectively with front line operators and top management across all functional groups including EHS, External Relations, IT/IM and Major Projects.

Garth graduated with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Kelsey Institute of Applied Science and Technology (A.Sc.T).


United Kingdom: + 44 (0) 1635 298800

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Latin America: + 372 5479 6979


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