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We provide the grey hair

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TWPL Asset Management Experts

TWPL’s experts thrive on tackling and solving complex asset management problems involving people, business processes and technical challenges. Each of our asset management expert has over 20 years’ first-hand operational experience and long-standing reputations as authorities in their fields.

Meet our team of leading experts in Asset Management worldwide

Alan Laird»

Alan Laird»

Alex Thomson»

Alex Thomson»

Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt»

Gabriel Kirwan

Gabriel Kirwan»

Jack Huggett

Jack Huggett»

John Woodhouse

John Woodhouse»

Garth Bird

Garth Bird»

Jose Duran

Jose Duran»

Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon»

Peter Jay

Peter Jay»

Richard Blackman

Richard Blackman»

David Copestake

David Copestake»

Tom McDermott

Tom McDermott»

Howard Werden

Howard Werden»

Kal Jassal

Kal Jassal»

Craig Demanuele

Craig Demanuele»

Ferney Alvarez

Ferney Alvarez»

Namecio Camba

Nemecio Camba»

Hector Sulentic

Hector Sulentic»

Johanna Duran

Johanna Duran»

Genaro Perez

Genaro Perez»

Michael Garnham

Michael Garnham»


United Kingdom: + 44 (0) 1635 298800

North America: + 1 804 732 8626

Latin America: + 372 5479 6979


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