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Prioritising an action plan

Your customer/service demand may have dried up or sky-rocketed, your supply chain disrupted, or budgets slashed. The effects of such big changes need to be addressed with cool heads, careful decision-making and revised priorities. We can help. The Woodhouse team has extensive experience and methods for rapid, transparent and fully cost/risk justified revisions of what is worth doing, why and when. We can provide a new ‘baseline’ assessment of the issues, opportunities and threats. And we can help you to re-plan, both tactically and strategically, with proven processes, tools and expert guidance.

In the last oil price crash, we facilitated a multi-national company (in just 2 days) to review, re-prioritise and filter 128 capital investment projects. We went on, over the next 6 months, to see these revised plans into reality, yielding a 3x increase in business performance and a fully self-sustaining ongoing programme.

Recognise any of these?

  • Cash has dried up (budget cuts)
  • Big changes in customer/service demand (reduced or increased)
  • Project priorities are changing
  • Resourcing challenges (own staff and/or service providers)
  • Supply chain disruption (procurement and inventory challenges)
  • Changes to asset utilization (changes to criticalities, risks, maintenance needs)
  • Forced asset downtime (opportunities to do useful maintenance?)

We have just been commissioned to facilitate a new baseline study and strategic roadmap for a renewables energy firm, taking the immediate and potential long-term effects of the pandemic into account.

We have spent 25 years in helping organisations to build and adapt plans that are pragmatic and value-prioritised. Furthermore, we support such clients during implementation to ensure that the transformation benefits are fully realised. Contact us now if you think that some fresh eyes and a safe pair of hands might help.


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