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Decision-support: The proportional use of technology and people

Find out what makes a good decision and learn what to do, or what to spend, where and when 


Decisions are at the heart of good management but what is a good decision? We certainly want to do the right things (be effective), and we want to do things right (be efficient). Of these two goals, success or failure most often rests on the first; choosing what to do, or what to spend, where and when (in other words, doing the right things, for the right reasons, at the right time).

These decisions have a more profound effect on results than efficiency improvements in how we do it. Yet it is still common to find our improvement efforts are directed only at greater efficiency (doing things quicker, better or cheaper) rather than challenging what it is that we do in the first place. If we focus too much on delivery efficiency, we run a significant risk doing the wrong things 10% cheaper or quicker!

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