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Lise Tarpe-Johansen, Programme Leader for HOFOR’s Asset Management project, was awarded the 2018 IAM Individual Achievement Award for ‘Transforming asset management despite the absence for any burning platform, business urgency or regulatory obligation’.  This summarises the HOFOR journey so far.

HOFOR is Denmark’s largest utility company and was facing a number of major changes.  The population is growing and there is an increasing demand for services.  At the same time, the climate is changing, and regional rainfall is increasing, so there is a growing need for sustainable ways to handle extremes of rainwater and wastewater, and benefit generations to come.  HOFOR is also behind the Copenhagen municipality’s ambitious plan to be a carbon-neutral country by 2025, including turning the City of Copenhagen into the world’s first carbon-neutral supplier of energy.

The motivation to adopt asset management usually requires a pressing business need, a regulatory or other external obligation, or a passionate senior executive ‘sponsor’.  HOFOR had none of these: it achieves good service levels, has generally benign regulators, adequate financing and a collegiate leadership group. Nevertheless, and largely owing to the insight, influencing skills and tenacity of the programme manager, Lise Tarp-Johansen, the company adopted a major transformation programme and introduced asset management concepts and business processes, including new competencies, culture and tools, simply ‘because it is the right thing to do.’

Download the HOFOR case study now:HOFOR Asset Management Transformation»

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