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Need some help implementing ISO 55001? TWPL can support and assist in the design and development of the asset management standards PAS 55 and/or ISO 55001. TWPL’s asset management assessment services enable you to test and demonstrate to regulators and other stakeholders that your assets are being properly managed for optimum performance, longevity and value for money.

The assessment is an objective review against the requirements of the ISO 55001 international standard for asset management, and our roadmapping process is a unique method of converting the observed gaps into practical, business case prioritized and deliverable improvement programmes.



TWPL is probably the most experienced company worldwide in the pragmatic development of asset management maturity and performance improvements. Not only do we focus on the things that matter, but we can share a vast portfolio of experience in how to address the different technical, organisational and culture challenges that can be encountered.

TWPL contributes a unique perspective: all assessors are themselves experienced asset management experts, with leading edge involvement in the development and implementation of best practices across multi-cultural, multi-sector and international environment. This depth and diversity of first-hand knowledge ensures that the assessments are not just paperwork exercises – we probe for real evidence and identify the true strengths and performance improvement opportunities within each organisation.

Implementation Support

TWPL can provide any level of support in the design and development of PAS 55 and/or ISO 55001-based management systems, corresponding frameworks, documentation, business processes, training and implementation assistance.

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