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WCEAM 2018

WCEAM 2018


TWPL’s Managing Director, John Woodhouse, will be delivering a keynote at the 13th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (WCEAM) 2018,  being held in Stavanger, Norway on 24 – 26 September.


Don’t forget human psychology in asset management decisions – it’s not all about data and analytics!


Smart technology is not enough. Methods and sophistication in data collection, modelling and analytics deliver little benefit unless we can also achieve consensus among people with conflicting priorities, and convince finance directors, regulators and other stakeholders of what needs to be done, why and when. This presentation shares the findings of a 5-year multi-industry research and development programme that found a systematic way of merging human factors into the ‘science’ of optimal decision-making. This is now delivering spectacular business value in oil and gas, process, utilities and transport sectors. Recent case studies will be shared from the UK, Latin America and Australia.


To find out more about the congress, please go to WCEAM website here».