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TWPL covered the Integrating and Embedding area in the last briefing  (Learning Along the Asset Management Journey – part 2), in part 3 we explore the final phase Seeking Excellence.  For Seeking Excellence, it is assumed that the knowledge and skills gaps have been addressed to the level of ‘competence’ and individuals/organisations are now ready to develop leading-edge skills and seek business advantage. We have a range of specific educational and training products that deliver this development. Furthermore, they can be adapted (for example, with industry- or company-specific examples) and blended to ensure their local relevance and effectiveness.

Popular courses and learning modules for this phase

  • ‘Beyond ISO 55000: Seeking Excellence’ is a 3-day course that looks at the skills and processes required to refine and optimize the realisation of asset value. You will learn how to tailor your strategies to suit your context and capabilities, and then drive continual improvement. This can be applied to individuals and organisations.For individuals who need to understand advanced concepts, possibly to develop a career into specialist or management roles in Asset Management, our 6-day IAM Diploma course (and conversion course option, from Certificate to Diploma), is designed to support the consolidated competency standards for systematic skills assurance across the organisation.  It can form part of a ‘Blended Learning’ programme, targeted and prioritised with the TWPL Competency profiling method. As well as one of the longest-standing IAM Endorsed Trainers, TWPL is also an IAM Examinations Partner, so we can provide the formal qualifications opportunities as a bundle with appropriate learning programmes.
  • Individuals and teams who want to exercise and test the full range of their learning should look at the TWPL ‘Asset Management Challenge’.  This is an intensive and immersive roleplay exercise for teams of 4 to 5 people, conducted over 2 days, designed to bring all of the asset management concepts together in a realistic, pressurised and highly rewarding game. Decisions made by the teams are turned into organisational performance results and a presentation to a ‘Board of Directors’.
  • Individuals may also wish to take the opportunity to extend the depth of their knowledge and application by following Post-Graduate study, leading to Post Graduate Certificate (PgCert), Post Graduate Diploma (PgDip) or Masters (MSc.) in Asset Management.
  • We also provide Continued Professional Development (CPD) for leaders, champions and facilitators. At this level, we realise that everyone’s needs are different and our input is created to meet your specific requirements.

Appropriate learning for specialist methods and techniques

  • Our ‘Life Cycle Costing’ course, taken over 2 days, shows how equipment life cycle and investment decisions can be made to provide an optimum contribution to the organisation’s success in managing its assets.
  • Our ‘Strategic Asset Management Planning’ course provides real practical insight into the development of effective strategies for Asset Management, including alignment with organisational objectives and engagement of the workforce, risk management, prioritisation, goal-setting, performance monitoring and cross-disciplinary collaboration requirements.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Asset Management’.  This is a 1-day introductory workshop, in which we help participants to understand and develop appropriate KPIs for assets, asset management and the delivery of improvement plans (such as the Roadmap). Follow-up options include customised coaching and facilitation for establishing such KPIs and how to integrate them with any existing corporate ‘Scorecard’ and data sources.
  • ‘Reliability and Maintenance Engineering’.  This 2-day course introduces the concepts of reliability from design, operation, maintenance and continual improvement perspectives.  It covers the relevant tools and analysis methods, and the practical opportunities and constraints associated with incomplete data, human/cultural factors and business process/disciplines.
  • Maintenance Optimization’. Our 3-day course provides a comprehensive coverage for maintenance strategy and decision-making.  Going further than just the understanding of FMEA and RCM/RBI techniques, it includes methods for building the business case for maintenance and optimizing the cost/risk/performance and asset lifespan effects.
  • Optimizing Inspection and Condition Monitoring Strategy’ is a 2-day course that teaches how to evaluate inspection and condition monitoring methods and how to determine optimal intervals.  It also covers the optimal testing of safety, standby and protection systems.
  • ‘Optimizing Shutdown Strategy and Intervals’.  In this 3-day course, we provide an understanding of the techniques for modelling the cost/risk optimization of shutdown intervals and the choice of tasks to cluster or bundle.  The implementation of these techniques is demonstrated to show how to evaluate the range of alternative shutdowns.
  • ‘Optimizing Materials, Inventory and Procurement Strategies’ provides tools and techniques for optimal, risk-based inventory and optimum procurement strategies for materials and consumables.  This course can be run as 2- and 3- day options, depending on requirements.
  • ‘Asset Replacement/Life Extension decision-making’ can be provided as 3- and 5- day options.  This course uses leading-edge techniques to evaluate and justify when to replace deteriorating or obsolete assets, or how best to extend their economic life.
This note has described how TWPL’s education and training packages are aligned to the IAM Competences Framework and how we can work with you on all stages of your learning journey. In particular, it illustrated the popular areas of assistance when facing the ‘Seeking Excellence’ stage of the journey. These were just a sample of what we do: in such an environment, we work with you to tailor the approach for best effectiveness. We bring to the relationship our long experience, across multi-industry sectors and cultures, to ensure effective learning for tangible benefits.
In our previous 2 messages, we have looked forward to our next message, but where do we go now that we have shown you how we can support ‘Seeking Excellence’?
The answer to that is – we are on our own journey of continual improvement!  We are learning and developing all the time, and constantly seeking new and better ways to address the challenges of asset management.  We are also constantly looking for improvements to how we can convey the learning and share the rich experience of our worldwide activities.
We look forward to sharing the results with you!

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