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This 4.5 day course and exam is for people who already hold the IAM Certificate and who are now ready to develop their understanding of advanced concepts in asset management. It is based on the syllabus of the IAM Diploma.

Students may come to this course having studied for the Certificate using a variety of methods and providers. This course includes a light review of the principles of asset management to give assurance that all students start the course from a common level.

The course presenters encourage the use of relevant examples to bring the subject to life and stimulate learning through discussion.


At the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe how to identify Value and realise it across the whole life of the asset.
  2. Identify typical asset care approaches and performance measures.
  3. Participate in resource assessment and determining strategies to procure resources.
  4. Contribute to demand forecasting and investment planning.
  5. Describe the key challenges to influencing an asset management culture.
  6. Identify and describe how to address asset management challenges.

Participants will also be equipped to sit the IAM Diploma exam, which is offered at the end of the course on the morning of day 5.


The course starts with a review of the principles of asset management, including references to the growing body of knowledge.

Having reviewed the principles, we will expand on the related subjects.  Leadership and AM Systems are looked at in more detail, then we examine Value and how to realise it throughout the asset life cycle.

In Asset Care and Performance, we examine techniques for enhancing reliability and the options for performance measurement and monitoring of assets and asset management.

Asset Information and Knowledge is covered in more detail, as is Demand Forecasting.  Investment Planning will cover both capital and revenue expenditure planning.

The critical issue of resourcing is looked at in Contractor and Supplier Management – how to identify resource requirements, then select and manage them.

Managing Change looks at the need to influence the organisation’s culture and competence, and describes the challenges to implement change successfully.

Finally, on Day 4 we put all of these themes together in scenario-based exercises to consolidate the learning.


The participant will develop an understanding of advanced concepts in asset management.

The course is intended to be cross-disciplinary and aims to encourage effective team working and the reduction of disciplinary silos.

The course forms part of the preparation for taking the IAM Diploma examination.

Course dates

November 5 – 8, 2018

Exam date

November 9, 2018

The exam is offered on the morning of the fifth day. You must be a member of the IAM to qualify for the exam and register by no later than October 8, 2018.


Houston, TX


This course is delivered through our regional partners, for more information, registration, prices and payment, please click on link below to be directed to their website.

N.B. Registration for this course is now closed.

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