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The motivation to adopt asset management usually requires a pressing business need, a regulatory or other external obligation, or a passionate senior executive ‘sponsor’.  HOFOR had none of these: it achieves good service levels, has generally benign regulators, adequate financing and a collegiate leadership group. Nevertheless, and largely owing to the insight, influencing skills and tenacity of the programme manager, Lise Tarp-Johansen, the company has adopted a major transformation programme to introduce asset management concepts and business processes, including new competencies, culture and tools, simply ‘because it is the right thing to do.’

Today HOFOR’s asset management programme is strongly supported by senior management and a growing team of fast-learning champions. Lise and her team have guided HOFOR’s business units to understand and agree that asset management is the way forward. This has already resulted in new methods for decision-making, risk management, asset renewal justifications and supply chain/spares strategies.

Lise spent 3 years investigating good asset management practices and sources of expert support before mobilising gap analysis and road mapping activity. This ensured that existing (strong) perceptions of ‘everything is already OK’ were not threatened, but the scope for further improvement was recognised and accepted. The Woodhouse Partnership (TWPL) was chosen as a strategic advisor because of their track record and style of developing a bespoke ‘home-owned’ approach in each case.

HOFOR has embraced better asset management practices because they are indeed the ‘right things to do’ if you are responsible for complex critical infrastructure.  The critical success factors, however, have included the style of people-centric introduction, Lise’s project management and team energy, the ‘home-owned’ workstreams and the collaboration with widely-experienced subject-matter experts in TWPL.


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