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Asset management experts David Copestake and Peter Jay will deliver two ISO 55000 related masterclasses at the Government Enterprise and Asset Management Congress on 23 – 26 October in Dubai. They will be speaking on behalf of the IAM and will provide first-hand experience of leading and facilitating real asset management improvement programmes.


Implementing ISO 55000: Practical tips and ways to deliver real improvement in performance and value, not just the ‘certificate’.

  • This masterclass will cover the initial evaluation of potential benefit, gap analysis, developing and implementing an asset management improvement programme to reach ISO 55001 certificate, and will include discussion of the common problems and challenges, and some practical advice on how these can be overcome.
  • It will also tackle some of the human factors, the organisational changes/alignments and the system documentation, using a framework approach. This includes the development of a strategic asset management plan (SAMP).
  • The workshop will reveal how real tangible performance, service and cost benefits can be achieved by following this approach, closing the gaps to achieve fully integrated asset management, suitable ISO55001 auditing and certification. The masterclass will be highly interactive and participants will be encouraged to share and discuss their own experiences.

Beyond ISO 55000: Understanding what is achievable in end to end asset lifecycle management

  • This masterclass will introduce the concept of asset management excellence – the journey beyond ISO 50001 certification. This is the subject to recent research, innovation and maturity guidance in the IAM.
  • Learn why and how appropriate targets for asset management excellence depend upon the organisation’s context, and factors including the scale, criticality and complexity of the business.


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