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Asset Management Standards

For almost 25 years we have been involved in the development of Asset Management Standards

For almost 25 years we have been involved in the development of  Asset Management Standards 

We feed our experience into our classroom-courses, mentoring and consultancy services, so you can be assured of latest thinking and anticipation of possible future expectations.

Knowledge and Experience

PAS 55 was for many years the reference standard for good practices in Asset Management – our Managing Director, John Woodhouse, was the Project Director who led its development on behalf of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM). The last iteration was published in 2008 which involved over 50 organisations from 15 industries in 10 countries.

Several TWPL Principal Consultants also contributed to PAS 55’s development and have been implementing, auditing and certifying against it in different industries around the world. TWPL sponsored the translation of PAS 55 into Spanish, in response to the interest in Latin America.

Buy Spanish PAS 55:2008

Get a copy of Spanish PAS 55: 2008 (part 1 & 2) from our asset management standards website here».

ISO PC251 Committee

John Woodhouse, TWPL’s CEO was appointed a UK Principal Expert to the ISO PC251 Committee, taking the PAS 55 requirements forward to a full International Standard, the ISO 55000 (published in January 2014).

More information on implementing PAS 55/ISO 55001  here». 


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