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Asset Management Standards ISO 55000

What is ISO 55000?

The ISO 55000 family is the first set of International Standards for Asset Management and includes:

ISO 55000   providing an overview of the subject of asset management and the standard terms and definitions.

ISO 55001   specifies the requirements for an integrated, effective management system for asset management.

ISO 55002   provides guidance for the implementation of such a management system.

For many years, PAS 55 was the go to standard for good practices in Asset Management.  Our Managing Director, John Woodhouse, was the Project Director who led its development on behalf of The Institute of Asset Management (IAM). Several Woodhouse Principal Consultants contributed to PAS 55’s development and have been implementing, auditing and certifying against across different industries around the world. The last iteration was published in 2008 and involved over 50 organisations from 15 industries in 10 countries.

John was appointed a UK Principal Expert to the ISO PC251 Committee, taking PAS 55 to a full international standard. ISO 55000 was published in January 2014. For more information please visit our reference site Asset Management Standards. 

We can help you implement ISO 55001 in your organisation. For more information, please click here



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