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Peter Jay, Principal Consultant


Peter Jay is an asset management expert who has a wealth of experience gained at National Grid, where he was at the forefront of introducing asset management into their business.

After a short period as a field engineer with Seeboard, he moved into the electrical transmission business with National Grid (UK), where his career spanned application engineering, specialist support, maintenance and commissioning. He held senior positions with responsibilities including national maintenance and condition monitoring policy.

He proposed an initiative which led to National Grid’s continuing involvement with the MACRO project, and pioneered work on the introduction of national key performance indicators.

Peter has recently led the work to produce the Asset Management System Application Guide, on behalf of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

Peter is one of TWPL’s IAM Endorsed assessors and trainers and as such provides training and assessments using ISO 55001 and PAS 55.  He was a key member of the working party on the IAM’s first ever competences project. Peter has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is founder member of  The IAM.


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