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Nemecio Camba, Senior Consultant

Nemecio Camba, Senor Consultant, TWPL Latin America

Nemecio Camba, Senior Consultant, TWPL Latin America


Nemecio Camba is a senior consultant and has over 22 years’ experience in providing education and training, and consulting services for the oil and gas, energy, mining, process and manufacturing sectors across Latin America.

He has a deep technical knowledge in the maintenance and reliability, and performance improvement asset management areas.

He has been an active pioneer of asset management in Latin America, promoting PAS 55/ISO 55000 since its early developments. As such, Nemecio is one of TWPL’s approved PAS 55/ISO 55000 trainers, and delivers PAS 55/ISO 55000 related training and consulting services for several companies in the oil, mining and power sectors in Latin America.

Nemecio is a mechanical engineer and has a Masters in Management Maintenance and Specialist Industrial Reliability Systems.


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