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Howard Werden, Principal Consultant

Howard Werden, Principal Consultant, TWPL, North America

Howard Werden, Principal Consultant, TWPL, North America


Howard Werden was previously the manager of distribution operations and maintenance at ATCO Electric, he centralized the responsibilities for maintenance, operations, safety, fleet, and forestry, standardizing practices and overseeing the development of reliability centred maintenance programs, management structure, roles, and responsibilities. This provided the foundation for strategic asset management within the distribution department.

Prior to this, Howard was a divisional manager with responsibilities for the distribution system and customers in a large resource based area in northern Alberta, during a period of intense development and expansion. Significant focus was placed on improving project management, outage response and emergency preparedness and power quality.

Howard began his career as an apprentice lineman with Ontario Hydro (now Hydro One). Upon relocating to Alberta, he joined Alberta Power (now ATCO Electric) as a lead lineman specializing in live line work. He introduced the use of insulated aerial devices and high voltage rubber gloving and transmission barehand work leading to improved productivity. Howard was instrumental in the establishment of a line trades training facility within the company that delivers the provincial apprenticeship program and journeyman level training.


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