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Hector Sulentic, Senior Consultant

Héctor Sulentic, Senior Consultant, TWPL Latin America

Héctor Sulentic, Senior Consultant, TWPL Latin America


Héctor Sulentic has over 20 years’ experience as a reliability engineer, solving critical infrastructure problems to improve performance and reliability.

He is one of TWPL’s assessors and trainers, as such, provides training and assessments using ISO 55001 and PAS 55. Hector provides advice and support to the oil and gas, mining, utilities (water and electricity), transportation and manufacturing sectors in Latin America.

Prior to this, Héctor worked for many years  in the Venezuelan oil industry for PDVSA E & P, in various maintenance roles. He was also a professor in the Energy Conversion Machines and Processes for the Industrial and Electrical Engineering Schools of the Universidad del Zulia in Venezuela.

Héctor has a degree in Mechanical Engineering gained from the Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela, and holds a Master of Science in Reliability Engineering and Risk, from the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Canarias, Spain.


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