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Alex Thomson, Principal Consultant

Alex Thomson, Principal Consultant, TWPL

Alex Thomson, Principal Consultant, TWPL


Alex Thomson has over 25 years’ maintenance and asset management experience in a range of industries, from defence facilities through manufacturing and food.  Alex has developed and implemented a number of maintenance and asset management strategies, and developed and delivered MSc-level asset management courses.

He contributed to the 2008 IAM/BSI PAS 55 review and is a subject matter expert on shutdowns and outages for the IAM’s Knowledge Centre.

Alex is a Chartered Engineer and a member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology. He has an MSc (with distinction) in Maintenance Engineering from the University of Manchester and won the Farnell Prize for Maintenance Engineering.

He speaks regularly at conferences around the world. Read Alex’s paper entitled:  ‘The SALVO Project: Innovative approaches to decision-making for the management of aging physical assets’ which was delivered at the Infraassets conference held in Kuala Lumpur.


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