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TWPL Asset Management Knowledge Experts

TWPL knowledge experts provide systematic reviews of the skills, competences and educational needs for individuals or corporations.  It is hard to keep up with the latest developments, best practices and wide range of competences expected in modern professional life, and there is rarely enough time for adequate formal training. Yet there is increasing pressure for technical staff to develop business and management skills and to implement and exploit the wide range of tools and methodologies for optimizing investments, operations, maintenance, materials and continuous improvement.

TWPL Academy can help you catch up and get ahead, with our unique ‘blended learning’ programme – a pragmatic and highly effective combination of workplace assignments and coaching, formal education, interactive self-taught topics, team-based problem-solving workshops and personal mentoring. We call this Learning While Doing and it rapidly pays for itself through the immediate practical application of the most relevant, conveniently-delivered development of appropriate understanding and new competences.

Key competency questions

  • Over 50% of the senior engineering and management staff are due to retire in the next 12 years.  Has the next generation got the mix of skills and competences to cope?
  • Does your organisation need to lift its business skills and visible competency in the management of complex or critical assets?
  • Does your organisation struggle to recruit or develop multi-skilled individuals with both technical and business knowledge?
  • Can you fit in the time or budget for education and training that would raise your game – and can you afford not to?
  • Are you aware of the advances made in the whole life-, cost-, and risk-optimized management of assets, and the significant performance improvements that are being achieved?

Structured review of needs

Existing strengths should be built upon and complemented. TWPL experts provide a systematic review of the skills, competences and educational needs for individuals or organisations. As core sponsors of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Competences Framework, we are at the centre of defining expected competences for the managers of the future. Such reviews can be personal, as part of a career planning or mentoring service, or part of a wider assessment of Asset Management capability and needs, using the PAS 55 standard (which TWPL helped to develop) or ISO 55000 standard.

Delivery methods

Our methods of delivery vary with the course subjects, geographical locations and participant numbers, but typically comprise a combination of group work, tutorials, 1-to-1 mentoring, workplace assignments, reference materials and our online learning modules. We can customise content and case studies to industry sectors or specific company requirements, and have developed realistic and popular ‘role-play’ exercises to embed the learning in real-life situations.

To complement the structured classroom and online learning modules, we provide facilitated on-the-job assignments and coaching, team workshop sessions, video links and personal mentoring to convert theoretical understanding into real, hands-on application of the concepts to resolve current workplace problems. This ‘learning while doing’ saves time, reduces time away from the workplace and delivers real solutions to operational requirements – at the same time as instilling and reinforcing new insights, skills and understanding.

Self-paced learning

Online learning helps us to deliver flexible and customised teaching and a range of classroom-equivalent courses for lower cost and shorter time to our clients all around the world, without losing the personal touch.

For more information about how we can help you in building your own, or your organisation’s skills and competencies, please call us on +44 (0)1635 298800 or email

About TWPL

About TWPL World leading experts in pragmatic and optimized management of physical assets.

Service Sectors

Service Sectors Oil and gas, petrochemical, process, water and power utilities, transport, mining and manufacturing.

Education & Training

Education & Training Blended learning, role-play, mentoring and coaching, e-learning and classroom: short course to MSc programmes.


Consulting PAS 55/ISO 55000 assessments and certification, strategic planning and implementation support, maintenance and shutdown strategy, decision optimization and expert facilitation.

Decision Support

Decision Support The DST ASSET STRATEGY EVALUATOR suite is now available for licensed usage, training or expert facilitation services. The suite comprises seven modules.